Our Sea Food Pro ERP solution handles all elements of Sea Food manufacturing and ensures that the product is acquired by the trader, retailer, or wholesaler with unprecedented accuracy and dependability, whether your operation is on land or on a ship in the middle of the ocean. Producers of seafood may rely on our Sea Food industry-specific solution to keep track of their product throughout its supply chain.

Why Sea Food Pro?

Labeling / Document preparation

Labeling / Document preparation

Packing List / Catch request / Invoice

Low-operational costs

Receiving details / Weight details / Processing details

Receiving Sheet / GRN/ Loin details / Box details

Supplier payments / Packing list / Invoice

Inventory status / Production status / Packing status / etc.

Histamine control 100% Accuracy in data, Quality controlling

Production, Packing & Quality Controlling Management

Sea Food Pro Production

You have entire control over the parameters for inspection, quality assurance, and record-keeping to ensure complete traceability from source, whether you’re working with freshly captured from sea or farmed Sea Food. To maintain consistency and high product quality, your team can work and forth to monitor and record all work-in-progress and final goods. You’ll be well-prepared for regulatory audits and fake recalls if you use integrated reporting.

Manual Process

  • Production Time
  • Labeling & Documentation

With Sea Food Pro

  • Production Time
  • Labeling & Documentation

Sea Food Pro can save time and money by improving efficiency and accuracy throughout your organization
and making workflow and employees MORE EFFICIENT AND MORE PRODUCTIVE!



Centralizing the process of making the payments has a number of advantages from a corporate perspective. There are advantages of course to having subsidiaries keeping control of their funding and payments process. Indeed, control of payments and supplier relationships are WELL-HANDLED by our solution.

Collaborate with World

Advantages in the Competitive market place
Comply with international requirement
Comply for buyers requirements