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Who We Are

MISL ENGINEERING offers a range of outsourced engineering services that are tailored to suit the specific needs of companies operating in diverse industries.

Our pragmatic approach to problem solving, proven offshore delivery model and global presence that ensures close proximity to our customers make us the preferred engineering services partner for clients across the world. Be it designing new products or solving complex engineering challenges, our multi disciplinary team works closely with you to engineer solutions for a wide range of business requirements.

As a provider of highly customer-centric consulting, engineering services and manufacturing support, MISL ENGINEERING offers you a seamless one-stop experience alongside high quality and timely delivery. Entrusting us with your engineering and manufacturing support activities also empowers you to concentrate on your core competencies, dedicate more time to service your customers and consequently increase your productivity and profitability.

We focus on building strategic partnerships helps us to deliver a wide range of engineering design projects in GLOBAL WIDE.

Why Choose Us ?

☑ Access experienced CAD designers

☑ Scalable manpower for any business

☑ Access to the latest CAD tools and software

☑ Flexible staffing schedule

☑ Cost-efficient CAD design services


Our depth of experience enables us to provide clients with an expansive overview of projects, as well as a unique, cross-disciplined perspective on the design process. We are constantly striving to diversify our services and technology while providing cost-effective solutions for project challenges.


Technical drawing are used in industry to convey information about an object. Computer-aided drafting is technology for technical documentation, which replaces manual drafting with an automated process. We offer all types of engineering, and diverse technical drawings to the format our clients require. To build a powerful service offering, we combine experience with CAD platforms and design software with significant subject expertise in the telecommunications.

✓ Engineering drawings
✓ Work shop drawings
✓ Assembly drawings


Computer-aided design is the use of computers to aid in the creation, modification, analysis, or optimization of a design, ultimately improve the quality of design, improve communications through documentation, and to create a database for manufacturing.

✓ 3D Solid Modelling
✓ Parametric Modelling
✓ Surface Modelling
✓ Weldments Designing
✓ Sheet Metal Designing
✓ 3D Assemblies & Animations
✓ Bill of materials
✓ Photo Realistic Rendering


For a wide range of industries mainly specialized in telecommunications, we utilize computer applications and methods to simulate performance in adverse conditions and practical scenarios in order to improve product and high technical and complex designs or assist in the resolution of engineering difficulties. Simulation, validation, and optimization of material, processes, and production tools are all part of this complex procedure. With us, it will be easy.

✓ Finite Element Analysis
✓ Computational Fluid Dynamics
✓ Thermal Analysis
✓ Structural Analysis
✓ Motion Analysis

Hire Us

As the Industry is growing, there is an ever increasing need of the experienced professionals to partner in the growth. Moreover an expertise in such a vast field is limited, and those available have their hands full. We at MISL ENGINEERING , are committed to bridge this gap, and act as the extended partners of the Client, by providing most efficient solutions.

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